WorkingOn: Motivation, Productivity, and Happiness

Welcome to the WorkingOn blog. Here we'll be sharing our thoughts, experiences, and stories on workplace productivity, remote work, and project management. If you are interested in traveling along on this journey with us please subscribe.

What is WorkingOn?

WorkingOn gives teams a way to stay in sync with minimalistic status reporting. Using our uncluttered platform, you can share your current task with a short status update. We offer multiple integration options to fit seamlessly into your existing workflow. While building WorkingOn, we've been learning a lot about the modern workplace.

The Workplace is Changing

The traditional nine-to-five is quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more companies are finding themselves relying on distributed teams instead of bullpens or cube farms. Workers increasingly work from home. This shift brings a new set of problems we're all still discovering.

Communication is Hard

Good communication is even more essential when your team isn't physically together. Endless emails and meetings, common fixtures of remote work, only hinder productivity. The signal-to-noise ratio of email makes it extremely cumbersome. Meetings become incredibly difficult to schedule due to varying timezones, schedules, and family needs. At some point, these forms of communication become unsustainable. We want to create a better solution.

Our Goal

We're building WorkingOn because we want to see your company succeed. Even if WorkingOn is not the right solution for you, we'll try to help you find what you need. We're personally motivated to improve the workflow of the modern office. We constantly learn of new tips and techniques that improve our daily workflow and help us to better manage our team. This blog is our effort to share that knowledge with you. Hopefully along the way we can learn to be more productive and live happier lives.

Who are we?

WorkingOn consists of four people. Mark and George have over 25 years of experience managing teams at startups, small businesses, large enterprises, and government organizations. Jeffrey comes from a product development and operations background and heads all of our business development and marketing. Zoƫ supports the team and wears lots of hats from customer service to copy-editing. We hope to share our passion for increased productivity, learning, and communications with you through this blog.

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