Team Communication Updates: What's New in November

We are building WorkingOn because we appreciate the importance of team communication. And we appreciate that you've joined us in our mission to improve the way we work by making communication more effortless and less disruptive.

Here's a list of the improvements we've made to WorkingOn recently:

Changes to Account Management

  • Account managers will see a link to the "Account" page (this replaces "Manage") from any WorkingOn screen. During your team's free trial, you don't have an account manager yet, but you can still access the Account page.

  • On the Account management page, you can change the name of your company or team.

  • Manage billing, team integrations, and changes to team members from the Account management page.

  • If there are other folks who should have access to see your daily progress email without actually joining WorkingOn, you can subscribe them to the emails from the Account management team.

Changes to Email Reporting

  • Account managers can subscribe other interested parties to the daily progress email.
  • We know that everyone's day starts and ends at a different time, so the daily progress email will advise that it is reporting activity for the last 24 hours. You can manage what time you'd like to receive that email through the "Settings" page. (You can decide which emails to receive and at what time. If you've checked these settings but you're still not receiving emails, you may have previously unsubscribed. Give us a shout at [email protected] if you think this might be the case.)

  • Monday's progress email will include a link to one week's worth of team activity. This link will land on your team's "Activity" page, with the date range for the last week already entered. (This is something you can always access from this page. Just click the days that you'd like covered and access historical information at any time!)

Changes to Integrations

  • The "Integrations" page is even prettier. Here, every team member can adapt their WorkingOn account to integrate with other products they might use in their workflow. This helps to keep progress reporting in one centralized place through WorkingOn.

  • Chat integrations are managed on the Account manager's "Accounts" page. Those integrations will affect the whole team, so if you need to edit or add an integration with Slack, HipChat, or Flowdock, do this only through account management.

  • New in Beta: Zapier integration You can use a Zapier integration to connect other services to your progress reporting on WorkingOn. Tell Zapier to report your work to WorkingOn based on a trigger you've enabled, such as "When an event starts in Google Calendar" or "When I check in to a place on Swarm" or "When I've scheduled social media posts on Buffer."

  • The Pivotal Tracker integration has been updated to show real-time posts in Slack and offers auto-complete of your Pivotal stories from WorkingOn.

Changes to Reminders

  • For teams that are also using Slack, you can tell the Slackbot to give you a little nudge if you haven't remembered to update your progress to WorkingOn in awhile. Tell the bot how much time is considered "idle", and during which hours you should be nudged for updates.

Changes that Keep Us Connected

  • And finally, we've updated all of the WorkingOn site pages and the Chrome extension to offer you more ways to stay connected to the WorkingOn community. We'd like the opportunity to grow together with other folks who want to make work better by improving communication.

We are sharing on our blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Find us there by clicking to expand the icons from the bottom right of any page. You can cause these icons and other site links to appear in the Chrome extension by hovering near the top of the screen.

We're also growing a larger community of folks who want to share about work, communication, productivity, remote teams, and project management. Join us on Medium as we share our thoughts at Work Together.

Some of these features may only be available on Business plans. For plan information, check out Pricing.

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